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FOX News
Nov 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
and another mayor going nuts. >> don't call me mayor. call me [bleep]. because that's what i am. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight on this thanksgiving eve. are you happy with your country? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. no question we live in a divided nation. after five years of president obama wanting to change the nation imposing social justice many americans have had enough. the economy is all wrong. the only reason we are not in a recession because the fed is printing money to prop things up and that is eroding the value of the dollars we are holding. the national healthcare situation is chaotic to say the least. a recent fox news poll asks are you satisfied with how things are going with america? just 26 percent said yes. whopping 73% no. similar result came from a cbs poll which usually leans democratic. that that one 27% of americans say we are on the right track. 68% wrong track. so you can see that there is deep disenchantment in the u.s.a. far lef
Nov 21, 2013 2:05am PST
, i think? >> no. >> they both have kind of wide faces. don't you think? >> i think of jay's as long, but if you want to say it's wide, okay. shall we look? >> well, i don't know. there's a new study out that says women are more attracted to wide-faced men. >> not to marry, though, just to -- >> cause -- >> go to poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. >> because they say wide-faced men seem to be powerful, wealthy, and in charge and aggressive and all those things. see, that's a wide face. >> but, you see, it's also very long. >> it's long and wide. okay. >> like his talent. >> oh, see, isn't that a wide face? and a good -- i mean a good -- i don't think wide is bad. >> well -- >> no, it's not. >> the mayor of toronto has a wide face, and i don't find him particularly attractive. >> here are a couple of examples of wide-faced men. one is simon cowell and the other is colin firth. >> see, that's not a wide face, that's long and thin. >> see, we thinned him out and made him longer. >> don't touch him. don't touch colin firth. >> you have to. let's make him long. >> no. no. we want our
Nov 23, 2013 2:05am PST
they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that love it. a pack of these flavors is $65. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called? >> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. [ flatulence noises ] we wanted girouard to model these for us, da
Nov 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
take you home. >> i'm going to lincoln if it's the last thing i do. i don't care what you people think. >> listen to me, you didn't win anything. it's a complete scam so you have to stop this, okay? >> i'm running out of time. >> you don't even have a suitcase. >> i'm not staying there. >> dad, i can't let you go. >> it's none of your business! >> yes it is! i'm your son. >> then why don't you take he? >> rose: bruce dern is here. he has appeared in more than 80 films from alfred hitchcock to quinn ten tarantino. he has specialized playing villains and psychopaths and other unsavory kashger thes. here's a look at some of his work. >> i hit him! i hit him with a stick! i -- i hurt him! >> it's just small change! she's got something new now, something everyone's afraid to talk about! >> damn it, everybody needs somebody, for christ's sake. if it's over with us it's over! >> well, what are you saying? that you're not even going to make the effort. >> what i'm saying is i do not belong in this house! and they're saying that i don't belong over there! >> you need to be wiped away like a dir
Nov 7, 2013 3:30pm PST
enormous amounts of energy, a megawatt of energy we don't waste is a megawatt of energy you don't have to produce. that's the fastest, cheaps, most job-intensive way. that's even before we get into biomatt, that is eventually going to be the dominant in of the world. >> we have an amazing multiple of subsidy -- and the -- we're going to continue an amazing substitute. the. >> announcer: -- >> we've been subsidizing it for the last 30 years, but michael, let me ask you, you coming from the environmental community and now being a supporter of nuke lard energy, you telling us that's the way to go, aren't you concerned about radiation in our water and air, wildlife and people? and if you can support nuclear energy, why not clean coal like in montana? why not wind power with abundant natural gas or stored pump energy with our lake systems? why just nuclear energy? >> before i start, i just want to acknowledge that i really respect ralph nader and always acknowledged him especially his work in the 1960s for workplace safety, food safety, car safety, but the fact is he's been saying this same
Nov 16, 2013 7:00am EST
or maim another human being? i don't understand where the disconnect is in terms of federal or state system. >> i think it gets down to the difference between rage on the one hand and lopez on the other which this court held as a rational way to regulate commerce to prohibit certain items. >> there is no dispute that these chemicals were transported along interstate lines. that is not even disputed. >> i don't finger was disputed in lopez, the firearm would have to cross state lines the the problem in lopez was the federal statute was not structured in a way that had a jurisdictional nexus that made the statute applicable as a regulation. >> this case to decide the commerce clause question. the government didn't even a search it. they assert it now but as we took the case the issue was whether the treaty supported the laws. >> that is right, just as scalia and the government like a private party can wave a constitutional argument but on the other hand i would say we are not particularly concerned about the commerce clause argument because it has the same basic defect as the treaty po
FOX News
Nov 27, 2013 10:00am PST
the labor union supporters don't drive them to the web set on saturday. they can handle 50,000 people at one time. but it could be 250,000 and it could crash the site all over again. >> but that is not inspiring confidence, chris. the idea that they don't know it sounds like whether or not they will be able to handle some sort of great amount of traffic. what is the thinking inside of the beltway where you are about how ready this website is? >> people don't know. it clearly seems to be getting better. the word at least when you hear from the administration, that it is getting better. but you know, they are kind of lowering expectations and because they made a hash of it on october 1st. and they say it will be better for most people and not everybody. they are trying to make most people a fewer number of people and not guaranteeing that everyone going in will have a great time and they are talking about a waiting list. they can say i want to sign up and like a pass at disneyworld. we can't take you right now. but e-mail you and tell you when to come on and you can go to the front of the line
Al Jazeera America
Nov 6, 2013 2:30am EST
on the philadelphia city paper, our activist, shiron snyder, and a history teacher in philadelphia. these things don't happen overnight, and they're not the result of one person. so walk us down the road that you think got the philly school district into this current mess. >> well, it's really a long-running crisis in the fact that large school systems like philadelphia, have a large fon-white student body have have been underfunded for years, and enormous cuts, and we have seen in the last ten years, the state control of the philly schools, the state took over a decade ago, and the rapid expansion of charter schools, and for each student that enrolls in charter schools, that costs the district an estimated $7,000. so the rapid unchecked growth of charter schools, combined with the enormous cuts to public education, under republican governor, tom corbett, has made an unfair situation catastrophic. >> you work in three schools in the city, and give us your perspective. how is it affecting the parents, the kids, your colleagues. >> well, i've been lucky enough to be in three different situations. one
Nov 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
there's a sort of a code of respect among presidents, recent presidents. they don't call each other names like this. cheney, is he exempt there the rule? >> no, he's not exempt there the rule. but he made himself exempt. i don't think you'll hear george w. bush making a statement like that. but dick cheney has a different agenda. first of all, his daughter is run fog are the senate in wyoming as a tea party candidate, rather absurdly, since she's basically from the beltway. and dick cheney is trying to help her out by appealing to the tea party worst. i think that's what's going on, number one. number two i think republicans more generally, chris, have always been infuriated by the high personal standarding of president barack obama. by him sz a candidate. by him as a president. by the fact that he has seen to many of his supporters and to most americans, to be an honest, straightforward, decent guy. and this somehow is especially infuriating to republicans. it drives them crazy, and they're doing everything they can now given the opportunity to try to drag him down to their level.
Nov 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
resonates. if they vote that down, they're losing hispanic voters and i don't care who the candidates are. they can vote on a jobs bill. >> well, i hope you agree with my point. the reason they don't want to do that, it forces them to choose between the haters out there who don't want immigrants and what the president is pushing. >> absolutely. but make them vote on that. you know, they're attacking the affordable care act, and you're right. the affordable care act polls better when it's called the affordable care act than it does when it's called obama care. but make them vote on a jobs bill. and another distinction. 41 times the republicans in the house have wasted the nation's time voting to repeal the affordable care act. but they haven't passed a jobs bill. keep sending them jobs bill and make them vote on that. >> i agree with that. yeah. anyway, what i want to do is just change the conversation. because we're not going to get a report card on obama care on health care through november 30th or march. this is going to be an endless, endless woodpecker thing. the governor mentioned vo
Nov 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
'm not sure you've ever done. don't show us anything. let us find it. i knew i'd found a friend, a partner, and a teammate. so i didn't have to push. i didn't have to show how good an actor i was. i just had to be a human being. and he would be there to find it and see it and throughout the movie. when my old girlfriend comes out that long shot in that magical once upon a time face he takes the time to watch characters make decisions in the moment rather than cutting away to something else to speed up the scene. he lets you see it involveed. and makes it still entertaining in the way it's edited. and that was something that you get a few days in a movie but with him you get it everyday. even the faces of the people from nebraska and from wyoming, montana, south dakota where we were. he goes for eight months ahead of time with john jackson, his casting director, and they find faces. they don't look for buildings and stuff, they look for faces and then they would say, you know, on october 29 of this fall be in that bar and we'll put you in a movie. so those people would show up at the specif
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 9:00pm EST
the emotions. i don't if there is a way to bring closure. does this report end this chapter and allow families to go forward? >> well, i hope it does. you know, my fear is that we'll continue to have this dribble of information that comes out. every time another report comes out or additional information gets leaked, it only serves to tear open the wounds and hinder the healing process. >> i would be concerned about that, and i understand there are some efforts in the journalism community to try to release the rest of the information in the interest of public attention to be brought to everything that happened. do you see that as being an effective tool? is that something that the general public really should know? the full scope of the investigation? >> i don't think so. you know, there needs to be a balance between first amendment rights, peopl people's curiositd the rights of the community. you know, is it really all that important that the details of what occurred at this school come out? when it's only going to serve to again hinder the healing process of the town. cause people in the tow
FOX News
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
analyst and another rhino, charles krauhammer. i don't think you're a trader like me but you're a rhino and you know it, don't you? >> i'm a rhino in name only, which means i'm in a new category. we're going to call ourselves hip hippos. >> hippos stands for? >> i don't know. i just made that up. >> hippos. hypocrisy. >> it has all of the letters that you want. i think this whole thing is as you say very much blown up by the liberal media because it's a great traumatic story. here's the fundamental contradiction. i think this analysis is wrong. it's fundamentally wrong for this reason. the difference between what are being called a hard right and the moderates, the rhinos and the true believers is really one over tactics rather than over ideology and objectives. let me give you one example. is there a disagreement -- fundamental disagreement between one faction and another over paul ryan's radical reform of medicare. i would say no. what we're talking about is whether it was a good idea to shut down the government. whether it's a good idea to adopt a tactic here, tactic there. on object
Nov 11, 2013 6:00am EST
is an icon already. >> is that what the word is derived from. >> i don't know. >> spelled differently. >> not the word icon. i wonder his name. not either. >>> in other corporate news, the government wants bank of america to pay nearly $864 million in damages after a federal jury found it liable for fraud over defective mortgages that were sold in this case by its countrywide unit. government's also asking for penalties against a former mid level executive at countrywide. the jury found her liable as well. and vc firm andreson horowicz has sold a third of their shares. the shares were sold between 49 and $50. that makes the sale worth more than $111 million. kind of interesting that they decided to do that. the firm still holds more than 4.5 million shares. >> what do you think about that? >> at some point he has to harvest some kind of gains about this. he's still on the board, right? he can't leave but he can't hang out -- he can't be in there all the time. >> you know, some people say it's never bad. stocks do go up and they do go down. >> i remember that barons commercial. the mar
Nov 25, 2013 6:00am EST
and work together. we don't need to go through 43 different attempts to repeal or deny people the access to health care. the affordable care act is a bill that was passed by both houses, sieb signed by the president and upheld by the supreme court. as problems arise, we should sit down and commit to work together. but republicans have to agree on the basic premises that health care is a right, not a privilege. >> other other issue: energy independence. what did you propose that is different? >> we have to wean off fossil fuels. investing in alternate energy resources while engaging in an all of the above strategy. we are getting to the point where we are exporting natural gas. but we have to have the all above strategy. not drill baby drill. >> who is the next generation of leaders in congress? would you like to be speaker of the house? >> i am focused on what is in front of me and that is doing the best i can for the 23ered congressional district. >> who is the next generation of leaders in the house? on both sides. >> there are a number of members on both sides of the aisle that are b
FOX News
Nov 26, 2013 3:00am PST
, which many men don't -- you may have chosen not to have it. now the choice is not there. but employers are dropping coverage and the numbers are as toupbgd. the white house by 2014, 76% of small employers, 55% of large employers and 63% of all employers dropping employees. >> we have the whole corporate mandate delayed a year. however, they believe people are going to start losing plans at the beginning of next year. now it is estimated 157 million health care policy holders are out there at which time they are going to begin to assess what they're better off doing. corporation are going to say what makes more financial sense for us. therefore, we're going to look at the massive shedding of corporate health care plans. if you're in competition, you're a corporation that wants top talent, you'll be able to say i'll be able to give you this, this and this. one may be a top-shelf health care plan. but if you're a company which decides the bottom line is most important which might be 80% of the country according to this study put forward by the american enterprise institute, you might be i
FOX News
Nov 26, 2013 1:00pm PST
insurance for 2014. >> once they get on, they don't like what they get on to and see. i often tell people who are talking about the problems with the website that that is not the real story. but it is the little surprise you get when you do get on and you can surf around that is kindover a joke. >> in some ways democrats have had a relief because they can blame that for the slow enrollment numbers. a lot of americans are accessing the website, and they may be scared away by premium increases. they say it can be a 260% se. maybe they have read the stories about dr. networks because of reimbursement rate that's are too low. >> a number of democrats are saying you have to do something about this, or they're now parting company with him on this, and so much else, that they're clearly reading these polls that are showing a reversal. the wind is no longer at the democrats back and that is something they fear could build as companies down the road start with their workers, right? >> democrats were feeling pretty good after the government shut down because they felt it reflecting poorly on americ
Nov 26, 2013 9:00pm PST
. the hobby lobby says the evangelical christian religious beliefs of the company's owners mean that they don't want their employees to have access to contraception in their health insurance. another case was a mennonite owned wood working business from pennsylvania. mennonites are sometimes confused with the amish, but -- not believing in health insurance itself all together. so if your boss is a mennonite or is an amish guy who thinks that health insurance itself is wrong, does that mean that you don't get health insurance at work even if otherwise the law would say you had to? that's what's so fascinating about this case. it is the rick santorum, the pill kills folks they're an outgrowth of the anti-abortion movement, they think contraception is the same thing as abortion and they're against them both. if you're against birth control these folks are your folks. these are the folks who put person hood on the ballot in mississippi and colorado and other places, in which case if those things pass, all abortion would be criminalized, all of it. but also the iud would be criminalized because th
Al Jazeera America
Nov 15, 2013 9:00am EST
that got cancellation notices deserve and have received an apology from me. they don't want words, they want whether we can make sure that they are in a better place when we made that commitment. >> no one could identify anything the president could do it administratively to keep the pledge. let's be clear, the only way to fully help the american people is to scrap this law >> for more on what the president's new rules would mean on anyone that lost their shirns, i'm joined by emily ethridge, health care staff writer with roll call. the president's new plans, insurance commissioner said: >> along with being the mess is bandaid? >> it's not a band aid, but it's a difficult thing for insurance companies and commissioners to figure out. they have six weeks left in the year to scramble and put the policies back together. they have decided it may not happen this year or maybe next year. it's a lift - paperwork wise, administratively, it will be difficult to make this happen. >> one of the other issues that john boehner raised is that obamacare can't be fixed with an administrative acti
Nov 27, 2013 6:00am EST
entrances to the bridge. >> look at this team of people. >> don't worry, they did this to me one time. >> this is lovely. >> these people are going to come out and they're going to go, clear! did you finally go around? you went through the lincoln tunnel? >> no, we didn't. we went around the whole round about. >> you had to come across the bridge, though. >> we came across the bridge, yes. >> finally came across the gw. >> yes. >> in 20 years, we've never done this, i don't think. >> wow, you look good. >> this is really good. >> amazing. >> andrew probably -- how about the news except there was a big storm this morning. >> it is a bit of a mess out there. in fact, if you're planning on traveling that massive winter storm that dumped snow in the west is now pummeling the east with a lot of wet weather this morning. as you would expect, this is reeking havoc on some thanksgiving travel plans. look out if you're on your way to work this morning, it is going to be a bit of a mess. reynolds wolf will join us from the weather channel in just a moment. you look good. >>> the dow and the s&p
Al Jazeera America
Nov 28, 2013 5:30pm EST
place on the face of the earth. place on the face of the earth. europe looks at us like we don't europe looks at us like we don't know what we're doing - looks at know what we're doing - looks at us like we're crazy. us like we're crazy. >> open nine. >> open nine. >> in this special >> in this special investigation, fault lines gains investigation, fault lines gains unprecedented and exclusive unprecedented and exclusive access to prisons across the access to prisons across the united states and discovers a united states and discovers a booming population of elderly booming population of elderly inmates. inmates. we ask: what's the we ask: what's the true cost of america's true cost of america's "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- "lock'em-up-and-throw-away-the- key" approach to justice? key" approach to justice? >> i heard him fall. >> i heard him fall. >> inmates call this the death >> inmates call this the death house. house. the geriatric unit at the joseph the geriatric unit at the joseph harp correctional center in harp correctional center in lexington, oklahoma, holds more lexington
Al Jazeera America
Nov 14, 2013 10:00pm EST
americans -- and the left president obama says americans can keep their policies even if they don't meet the law's requirements. >> this is not a big game, but the game is not over >> a survey by the associated press finds more than 4.2 million americans buy their own health insurance received cancellation notices. a week after one of the worst storms on record officials in the philippines are burying victims in mass graves. the official death toll from typhoon haiyan is more than 4400. more than 800,000 are homeless. >> toronto's embattled mayor, rob ford under pressure to resign, he had to apologise for using obscene language, whilst denying making sexual advance tos a female counsellor. that's the news at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern, 8 pacific time. "consider this" is next. [ ♪ theme ]. >>> the president promising fixes on his troubled health care plan, "consider this" - the white house, if they can't get it right in 3.5 years, will another year make is different? america's long-held believes about the poor are wrong. they are white and more suburban by the day. what
FOX News
Nov 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
. first of all, to those who don't know forbes, how big is forbes? how many employees? >> we are a a little under a thousand. we have really down sized this immediate web age. our web site is flourishing but the print side is not nearly as big as it used to be. so we have been going through two storms. one is the economic storm, the obamacare storm and what's happening with the web. so, our whole business model has just been thrown out and so we have gone through turbulent times so we are a smaller company but today we are now a very profitable company. thank goodness. you say turbulent. if you you have some idea of what's going on. are things certain enough owe obamacare for you now. >> decisions have to make a decision a year from now if we ever get rules of the game in determining what kind of plans we can offer. we have had very generous plans in the past up right now. fins, we give our people $2,500 a year cash that they can use for their healthcare. and if they don't spend it, they get to keep it so they have an incentive to keep costs down. we don't know if that's goin
Nov 7, 2013 8:30pm PST
enormous amounts of energy, a megawatt of energy we don't waste is a megawatt of energy we don't have to produce. and that's the fastest, quickest, cheapest, most job intensive way. retrofitting buildings, homes, more efficient motors and motor vehicles, lighting, air conditioning systems. that's even before we get into biomass, wind power, solar thermal, photoboteic and others that will eventually be the dominant form of energy in the world, wind power. >> isn't eventually, i just looked at a study the other day that said we have something like an amazing multiple of subsidy for solar power today. and the projections over the next ten years we're going to continue an amazing subsidy for solar power. it's always the energy of the future. >> we've been subsidizing nuclear energy for the last 50 years. i don't think there's anybody pure in this. michael, let me ask you, you coming from the environmental community and now being a supporter of nuclear energy? you telling us that's the way to go? aren't you concerned about radiation in our water our air our wildlife and our people? an if y
Nov 23, 2013 7:00am EST
'm a political on that. that 40 million people that don't have health care will have health care. host: talk a little bit about why you brought up south africa's situation. because that is the only other industrialized country that does not have national healthcare. every other country has got it. switzerland, germany, austria, france. why don't you guys bring that out? from hello. caller: i agree with the previous color. it is something we all need and we are the only industrialized country other than south africa that does not have it. it is absolutely something we need. curry up next from ocala, florida. this entire situation with obamacare is a train wreck and a mess. where the president went wrong was he ignored what roosevelt did and what lyndon johnson did in passing social legislation. was aent roosevelt president who finally got social security through after number of people had tried over the years. he did so by going to the republicans. it a higherand percent of republicans voted for social security than did democrats. i am not positive about that, but in a lot of them
Nov 25, 2013 3:00am PST
. >> there are some things that are too personal and you don't want to know. >> can you hear me now? >> reporter: the fcc acknowledges that most passengers oppose phone calls and even the chairman says, "i feel that way myself." on the white house website, 2500 people have signed a petition to stop the fcc. delta polled its passengers and found 2/3 said no to phone calls. >> if people are talking loud it may be disruptive. >> reporter: and flight attendants are adamantly opposed. >> i can see it now with a dozen people, can you hear me now? can you hear me now? none of us want to experience that on a plane. >> reporter: why such a negative reaction? researchers found when you are stuck in an elevator or plane and listening to a one-sided conversation it steals your attention, making it difficult to get anything done. [ ringing ] >> reporter: this is just a proposal. even if approved, late next year, it will be up to the airlines to decide if you can make a cell call at 30,000 feet. [ ringing ] >> reporter: david kerley, abc news, washington. >> all right. lots of you weighed in on this issue on
Nov 21, 2013 7:00am PST
be a former or current governor. >> i don't think anyone should become president that they haven't been a governor first. >> there's been discussion among the governors that the next president has to be a governor? do you agree with that? >> no. next question. >> so paul ryan does not agree, but for his part, christie has not been shy about answering questions about 2016, although in arizona his focus is anywhere, but there. >> i would think there are some people in this room that are encouraging you to look beyond just this job? >> oh, no. everyone here is laser focused kel kelly, on 2014. just do the best job you can in 2014, governor and everyone's been wonderful and really good. >> lois romano, senior reporter for politico. good morning. >> we know there is a historical argument, karen, for republicans. they have never elected a governor for president since harding. the reason we're hearing this so much in 2013 that congress is just so toxic? >> i think that's part of it. this also reminds me, though of the late 1990s when we saw a similar effort among republican governors. the part
Nov 15, 2013 3:30pm PST
you know? >> i don't. obviously it's a disappointing roll-out. but you do line that he's owned the problem. he understands the principle of the buck stops here, and anybody who thought the roll-out was going to be smooth and without hitches is not lives in the real world. >> okay, but answer the question, will you run on obama care -- >> i've going to do everything, and i'm not going to run away from the affordable care act. i think this is what we need to strengthen our hospital system. i want to tell you about a friend of mine. he actually died, was resuscitated twice, he's still with us. you know why? he had a cold and didn't have health care. it turned into viral pneumonia, and we almost lost him. here's the good news. yesterday, he lives in california, was able to go on to the california exchange. he was able to find a plan and his family for about $500. are you prepared to tell him the status quo two months ago is what you want to go back to? >> first of all, it's unfortunate that he found himself in thatsh d. you truth is, you show up to any room at any home and by cared
Nov 16, 2013 4:00pm EST
implementing his grand plan. in the western theater, he had two commanders. a man named hallick and don carlos buel. and he was trying to get these two generals in the fall of 1961 to push into kentucky and later into tennessee, but he can't get them to act. he complains about, my generals won't do anything. this is lincoln saying the same thing about mcclellan and other generals as well. and lincoln has also by this time got his own ideas about the war. he wants to push the south at a whole bunch of different points and he's writing about doing this, but again, this is very much similar to what mcclellan is saying. the problem is, the generals have a plan but they won't act. well, finally, in february of 1862, some of the union generals decide they should do something. and ulysses s. grant and flag officer foote in the army take donaldson on the tennessee and cumberland rivers. this is very critical here, because this breaks apart the confederate cordon defense, their defensive system in the west. it completely comes apart. here's where braxton bragg enters the picture. what follows in the co
FOX News
Nov 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu, prescription for flu. ♪ >> this economy would roar like a rocket if people knew what the rules were and the rules weren't designed to slow us down. >> i think now more than ever a crisis of uncertainty. >> uncertainty. >> uncertainty. >> things we are certain of aren't so great for small business. >> as a small business owner, i'm used to getting the dirt kicked on me. >> obamacare is probably one of the biggest job killers we have as it relates to business. >> obamacare under employment. >> i sent in 50 more resumes but the only thing i have been able to come up with is this one part-time job. >> i have sent out a couple resume as week and i have been at it. >> hostess as a diner and doing a bunch of part-time jobs until something full time comes up. >> what i would like to see is lower taxes and less regulation. >> the biggest thing that washington can do to help me he is get out of my way. >> still work hard and continue to do great things. >> companies acro
Nov 5, 2013 1:00pm PST
against health care reform, against women's choice, and even contraception and don't forget, really, really, really, really, really against sodomy. he can hardly bare to think about all of those who might garner benefits from a democratic win. >> unions, and planned parenthood and michael bloomberg. and it's radical environmentalists who want to squash our economy. but we need to find back. >> take a hard look at that list, kuch. you and virginians might not be fighting on the same side. but not to worry. should have plenty of time to think it over tomorrow. let's get right to our panel. joining us from charlottesville is larry saab atoe, center for politics and author of "the kennedy half century. and here in new york, ari melbourne. and that enemies list, michael bloomberg, unions, who else is ken cuccinelli fighting? it does seem he has tried to array an enemies list that would galvanize his right wing base and it's not working. he's still probably going to lose. >> i don't think it's working. as a political matter, there is some chunk of the total turnout machine there that will
Nov 15, 2013 9:00pm EST
or maim another human being, a chemical that could kill or maim a human being? i don't understand where the disconnect is in terms of our federal or state system. >> justice sotomayor i think it gets down to the difference between raache and lopez which this court is held as a classic and rational way to regulate commerce to basically prohibit certain items from congress. >> there is no dispute that these chemicals were transported along interstate lines. that's not even disputed in this case. >> i don't think it was disputed and lopez that the firearm would have had to cross-state lines but the problem and lopez was the federal statute was not sure it should in a way that had jurisdictional nexus that made the statute applicable. >> we could take this case to decide the commerce clause issue did it? it asserts it now but as we take the case the issue is whether the treaty supported the laws. >> that's right justice scalia and we think the government like a private party can weigh the constitutional argument. on the other hand i would say we are not particularly concerned about the comm
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm PST
leaders like your next governor, ken cuccinelli. therveths don't come better than chris christie. >> they try to discern things. >> there are very real consequences when you operate ideologically. >> does ted cruz stand out to you? >> put five red necks on a mower. >> i'm being unfairly targeted by a bunch of hacks and haters. if dueling were legal in kentucky it would be a challenge. >> the last five years have not been a great time. >> a jumble of unfocused noise out of touch with the things you care about. ♪ like a song you hear that lingers in your ear ♪ ♪ but you can't forget from sundown ♪ ♪ >> this week marks one year since the 2012 presidential election and if this is the annual checkup, it's largely the president's health care law that's going through a major stress test. and right now, the white house is reaching out for support in the face of continuous oh criticism of the law and its rollout. later this evening, the president will speak about the benefits of health care reform at an organizing for action event. and later this week, he'll travel to texas to t
Nov 7, 2013 6:00am PST
executive today. whether that would apply to being a president or not, i don't know. >> he would still be taking questions if he had time. most hate facing the press. not this guy. democrats compared him to a late night talk show host responding to the election results. he important was on bis play as he rolled his eyes and insisted that his persona would not be a liability in the second term. >> you prepared to make any adjust ams to your style and tone down your brashment to appeal to people beyond new jersey. >> no. >> none at all? >> this is who i am and i am 23409 a one-trick pony. i am able to read a situation and conduct myself in the way that i think is most effective. that's what governs what i do. i'm not sure to put on a show. i'm here to win. >> they are trying to strike. they are not tiptoeing around it. word leaked out that the regional director will be the new director of the new hampshire party. not fully affiliated with the tea party, you might feel like you will have to scramble. potential 2016ers can't have missed this. hours after christie challenged washington to t
Nov 29, 2013 5:00pm EST
, she's planning 30% sale. don't expect door busters. >> big box stores can go deep, deep discount. the thing is, maybe their mark up is higher. we can't. our mark up is not that high. >> a little bit in that section there. >> reporter: her customers get it and support it. >> i would rather help the local places trying to do something different and trying to have a different vibe. >> it's a marketing technique, of course. also, it's nice to be able to go to streets like this where there's cute shops. >> reporter: coming up, all new tonight at 6:00, i'm going to show you how much of a community effort small business saturday is. reporting live in oldtown alexandria, david culver, news 4. >> thank you, if you are planning on shopping oldtown, getting around is easier than usual. the trolley started running at 6:00 this morning to get from the king street metro station to oldtown to shop. the trolley will run every 15 minutes and go to 10:15 tonight and it's free. >>> we are following a developing story in montgomery county. water services should be back up and running for customers i
Nov 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
this together. in a baritone voice he would say if you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything. there was so much respect for this man but along with a philip randolph, who organized the brotherhood of sleeping car porters, represented the men working on the railroad. and when you come to washington and walked through the union station there is a bus. you have martin luther king jr. who was the president of the southern christian leadership conference born in atlanta georgia and then there was roy wilkins, the head of the naacp for the advancement of colored people that were born in minnesota, a wonderful man comed then there was whitney young who was born in kentucky, the dean of social work at atlanta university and later became the head of the national urban league. there was another man by the name of james farmer. farmer had attended the little wiley college in texas, why we texas. and he was part of the dating team -- debate team. they deviated harvard and they won. the graduate study at harvard university became very involved with the naacp and was later one of
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